In this supernatural thriller, the Campbell family"s move khổng lồ Connecticut takes a dark turn when a series of shocking paranormal events reveals that their new home is a former mortuary with a sordid past.

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Cast Virginia Madsen, Kyle Gallner, Elias Koteas, Amanda Crew, Martin Donovan, Sophi Knight, Ty Wood, Erik J. Berg, John Bluethner, D.W. Brown
Rating PG-13 - Some material may be inappropriate for children under 13. Parents are urged lớn be cautious. Some material may be inappropriate for pre-teenagers. PG-13 - Some material may be inappropriate for children under 13. Parents are urged khổng lồ be cautious. Some material may be inappropriate for pre-teenagers.

Common Sense Note

Parents need to lớn know that this is a reviews of the movie shown in theaters và not the Unrated Special Edition, which is sure to have scarier, raw content. This "based on a true story" horror film, while milder than movies like Saw, is still too scary và disturbing for kids. It"s full of mutilated bodies, bloody scenes, supernatural violence, và medical & autopsy imagery. There are also fairly serious discussions of the challenges facing a teen fighting cancer. One character is a recovering alcoholic who starts drinking again and ends up driving drunk. But the language doesn"t get much stronger than "hell" và "oh my God," & sex và product placement aren"t an issue.

Sexual Content

A woman is in the shower, but nothing sensitive is shown.


Plenty of violence và gore, with extensive depiction of blood, scars, cuts, wounds, và mass graves filled with emaciated, mutilated corpses. Ghosts take the size of mutilated corpses. Close-ups of medical instruments và procedures undertaken in the name of dark magic/sorcery/paranormal experimentation. Supernatural violence as restless spirits shove, push, and batter victims.


Fairly mild, including "Jesus" as an expletive, "good Lord," "oh my God," and "hell."

Social Behavior

No strong/obvious positive messages. The question "Why bởi bad things hapen lớn good people?" is asked. Characters also talk about how "the Lord works in mysterious ways" & frankly discuss how alcohol and alcoholism affect a marriage và a family.


Not applicable

Drugs / Tobacco / Alcohol

Characters drink hard liquor. A recovering alcoholic starts drinking again, driving drunk và frightening his family; he later apologizes, atones, & tries khổng lồ make amends.

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Age appropriate Not an issue Depends on your child và your family Parents strongly cautioned Not appropriate for kids of the age

This information for parents is provided by Common Sense Media, a non-profit organization dedicated khổng lồ improving kids" truyền thông media lives.

Though it features a few scares & some creepy atmosphere, The Haunting in Connecticut ultimately relies too much on familiar horror cliches lớn achieve its goals. Read critic reviews

The Haunting in Connecticut (2009)
The Haunting in Connecticut (2009)

When their son Matt (Kyle Gallner) receives a diagnosis of cancer, Sara (Virginia Madsen) và Peter (Martin Donovan) Campbell move khổng lồ Connecticut to be closer khổng lồ his doctors. At first all is well, but then Matt becomes increasingly disturbed by what appears to be paranormal activity. Sara turns lớn a priest for help, & the ghosts are seemingly banished -- but Matt"s condition takes a sudden and unexplained turn for the worse, and the lives of Sara và the rest of her family are endangered.

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Rating: PG-13 (Intense Sequences of Terror|Disturbing Images)

Genre: Horror, Mystery & thriller

Original Language: English

Release Date (Theaters): Mar 27, 2009 wide

Release Date (Streaming): Sep 9, năm 2016

Box Office (Gross USA): $55.3M

Runtime: 1h 32m

Distributor: Lionsgate Films

Production Co: Integrated Films

Cast và Crew

Virginia Madsen

Sara Campbell

Kyle Gallner

Matt Campbell

Martin Donovan

Peter Campbell

Elias Koteas

Rev. Popescu

Amanda Crew


Sophi Knight


Ty Wood

Billy Campbell

Erik Berg


Peter Cornwell


Adam Simon


Tim Metcalfe


Paul Brooks


Andrew Trapani


Daniel Farrands


Wendy Rhoads


Scott Niemeyer

Executive Producer

Norm Waitt

Executive Producer

Steve Whitney

Executive Producer

Adam Swica


Alicia Keywan

Production kiến thiết

Tom Elkins

Film Editing

Eric L. Beason

Film Editing

Meg Mc

Costume thiết kế

Robert J. Kral

Original Music

Eyde Belasco


Jim Heber


Edward Bonutto

Art Director

Steve Shewchuk

phối Decoration

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