The Big Bang Theory Season 10 Episode 15 Review: The Locomotion Reverberation

So naturally, Leonard pulls out the big guns. 

Somehow, it doesn"t surprise me at all that Leonard has been holding on khổng lồ a $4000 train trip for Sheldon to lớn use at just the right time. 

I imagine he probably could have used that trip for a better reason, but that"s beside the point, I suppose. 

Sheldon"s excitement over the gift is a joy khổng lồ watch.

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This doesn"t happen very often, but here comes a hug. Oh dear, I have to tinkle again.


This is probably my favorite side of him, though you have lớn feel a little bad for Amy while he goes on. & on.

And on, and on.


Of course, just when it seems Leonard"s plan has worked perfectly, the colonel returns, notices Sheldon"s equations, and insists they build that version instead. 

Too bad they have no idea how to lớn make that happen, and Sheldon is now otherwise occupied.

Despite the fact that Sheldon is so confident in himself as a scientist, it"s worth noting that he"s gone through something of a career-identity crisis more than once. He"s changed the focus of his research altogether, & even questioned his own abilities earlier this season on The Big Bang Theory Season 10 Episode 3.

Now, he"s experiencing something similar. He"s seeing the value of another field & a different type of work. Và he looks extremely happy.

Leonard, in the world of theoretical physics, you never finish. So much is unprovable. But when I was studying that railway guide, it was so tangible & so satisfying that something just clicked. Then it clacked. Then it clicked, then it clacked. Click, clack, and clickity clack, and here we are, woo woo!


Meanwhile, Bernadette continues khổng lồ be exhausted by being a new mother. She"s already working on pre-school applications, & she"s overwhelmed now that Howard is back at work.

Amy: Is there anything we can do?
Bernadette: Sure. Open up a college fund, shop for life insurance, & in the laundry room there"s a mountain of dirty laundry. Wash it or burn it. Your choice.

I appreciate how realistic this view of motherhood is, & honestly, Bernadette has become one of my favorite characters on the show. 


Penny & Amy decide khổng lồ take Bernadette out for a much-needed girls" night, but that night takes a serious turn. It"s hard for Bernadette khổng lồ leave Halley at this point (especially considering who the babysitters are!) and the fact that she"s a mother now has changed the group dynamic.

I"ve been wondering how long it would take us before Penny starting feeling some pressure to have a baby. Now, we have our answer. She points out that though she and Leonard are married now, their relationship hasn"t evolved much. 

From where I"m standing, she"s right about that. There are times when I adore Penny và Leonard together, but any time we"ve seen them giảm giá with relationship problems it"s been uncomfortable and unpleasant khổng lồ watch. I"d love to see more focus on the two of them, but without the negativity. 

At least Sheldon và Amy are adorable these days.

Other Thoughts:

Raj & Stuart aren"t terrible in this episode, và I think that"s because they so genuinely want lớn help take care of the baby.Sheldon "fixing" the equation for Leonard & Howard by finishing the Charlie Brown face made me literally laugh out loud. He really should have said "Bazinga" in that moment.The train jokes on this episode are pretty great. One of my favorite quotes from Sheldon is this one:

Howard: How"d you even get that up the stairs?
Sheldon: I said lớn myself, I think I can, I think I can. Và then I couldn"t.

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Everyone is brought in on the same plot in this week's episode of The Big Bang Theory, which helps it gel successfully...

By Caroline Preece | February 27, 2017 | | Comments count:0

10.17 The Comic-Con Conundrum

What’s that? An episode of The Big Bang Theory that doesn’t leave me frustrated & underwhelmed? Yes it’s true, I liked this episode. For the first time in a very long time, The Comic-Con Conundrum carries on a storyline from the previous week. Even more shockingly, it concerns Raj.

Sheldon is going through Raj’s finances (inc. Penguin sponsorship & Pink Cheeks intimate waxing) and he quickly realises that he’s going to have khổng lồ make some huge changes to his lifestyle. Putting Sheldon in charge of everything he spends, he’s told first that he can’t afford khổng lồ go lớn this year’s Comic-Con with the rest of the group.

The rest of the group includes Penny, who has promised Leonard they would vì more things together he’d enjoy. The trouble is, as with any couple with tastes as vastly different as these two, Penny at Comic-Con would make both of them miserable. Penny because she might have khổng lồ sleep đứng đầu to tail with Sheldon and wear full toàn thân makeup, & Leonard because no one actually wants their partner at something they’d hate.

This plays out with both of them trying to convince the other that it’d be a bad idea, but without coming clean about their real feelings. As terrible as Leonard makes it sound, however, Penny won’t back down.

I lượt thích this a lot, mainly because it hits that sweet spot between hinting at genuine trouble between Leonard và Penny and just being a storyline that fits a sitcom married couple that this season has been seemingly going for all along. It’s not nasty or unpleasant at any point, và gets the whole group involved at various points. It’s not a massive gag machine, but works well as an A-plot nonetheless.

The episode benefits hugely from bringing everyone in on the same plot, something I don’t know why the show doesn’t bởi more often. Comic-Con is, also, an ever-reliable catalyst. Raj can’t afford to go, Bernadette wants lớn trade help around the house for a weekend without her husband, & Penny needs Amy’s advice on how lớn subtly manipulate Leonard into disinviting her.

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Raj’s journey khổng lồ making extra money for his ticket is fun, especially the moment when he tries to sell a box of comics memorabilia worth $100s to Stuart for $20. Any scene where Stuart gets to have the upper hand just makes for a nice change to be honest, even if by the over we’re back khổng lồ laughing at his lack of friends.