Kimi ni Todoke"s love story between Sawako & Kazehaya never gets old. The shy-girl-refreshing-boy pairing may sound cliché, but the execution of Kazehaya and Sawako"s romance is a joy khổng lồ watch. So, now that they are going out, do Sawako & Kazehaya ever kiss in Kimi ni Todoke?

Kazehaya"s genuine intentions toward Sawako are complemented by the essence of her innocence. He had waited all this time for Sawako to xuất hiện up khổng lồ people và make new friends.

Moreover, Kazehaya also supported her in his own chất lượng way, even during the most difficult times.

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Not to mention, the way Kazehaya prioritized Sawako, particularly her feelings, always resulted in the best of the moments they shared. This demonstrates Kazehaya"s patience & love for Sawako.

Though it may appear repetitive, Sawako & Kazehaya"s unusual relationship is built on the smallest acts of kindness they vì chưng for each other.

Their sweet gestures toward each other are so natural, just like how couples show their affection for each other in real life.

Aside from that, Sawako & Kazehaya"s dynamic gets along well with the other characters.

Yano, Yoshida, Ryuu, và so on are not like other side characters who exist solely to tư vấn the main characters. Instead, they have their own story that affects Kazehaya và Sawako.


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Sawako is initially just an introverted girl who wants khổng lồ connect with her classmates, even if it means becoming a ghost on the courage chạy thử or summoning ghosts for their amusement.

When Kazehaya entered the picture, Sawako"s bleak world was transformed in an instant.

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Do Sawako and Kazehaya Get Together?

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Sawako và Kazehaya do get together. They began dating after they realized their feelings for each other in Season 2 of the anime. It took an entire season and a few more episodes for Sawako to lớn realize how much she liked Kazehaya.

One of the most wholesome và genuine moments in the anime is Sawako"s confession to lớn Kazehaya.

Although it was mostly Sawako who expressed her feelings for Kazehaya, the latter took it all in stride and responded with the sweetest hug ever.

While that is usually the time for a kiss, Kazehaya manages to keep himself from pursuing Sawako.

They just stared at each other until one of their stupid classmates barged in & ruined their most anticipated moment.

After the school festival, where Kazehaya declared his love for Kuronuma in front of a large crowd, including their classmates, their relationship became even more official.

It was also one of the highlights of Season 2, và fans couldn"t stop watching it over và over.

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Do Sawako & Kazehaya Ever Kiss?


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After Pin"s prank on Sawako in Kimi ni Todoke Season 2, Sawako & Kazehaya almost kissed each other. Pin sạc instructed Sawako to lớn tug or pull her boyfriend"s shirt và close her eyes for five seconds in order khổng lồ please Kazehaya.

It was the ideal situation for Kazehaya to lớn spring into action and gladly accept Kuronuma"s offer of a kiss.

However, before Kazehaya can kiss her, Sawako opens her eyes, putting the two of them in an awkward situation as a result of Pin"s stupid advice.

Despite this, the anime depicted some of the best moments between Sawako và Kazehaya, particularly those involving hugs.

Kazehaya did it following Sawako"s love confession, and he did it again in the finale when Sawako expressed concern about her role as Kazehaya"s girlfriend.

Meanwhile, Kazehaya & Sawako kissed each other for the first time in the manga series in Kimi ni Todoke Chapter 71. That was when Kazehaya walked Sawako trang chủ after their Christmas party.


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Credit: Production I.G

At the time, Sawako was concerned about dating Kazehaya because they weren"t dating as they used to, or rather, no one knew they were still dating.

Simply put, their relationship did not feel lượt thích they were a couple at all.

When Sawako confronts Kazehaya about her feelings, the latter finally understands her.

Kazehaya decides lớn kiss Sawako while the snow falls in the background khổng lồ reassure her that they are still dating và don"t need to lớn hold back each other"s feelings anymore.

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A blog about the wonderful pairing of Kazuichi "Pin" Arai & Ayane Yano from the manga Kimi ni Todoke, a.k.a. Ayapin. I will also post other Kimi ni Todoke related stuff. Not a spoiler không tính phí blog. Spoilers will now be tagged "knt spoilers".


When I saw the wonderful kiss this chapter, it suddenly occurred to me that we probably won"t see an Ayane/Pin kiss because lượt thích you, I believe nothing will happen until she graduates from college và if that"s the case, it will be in an epilogue which kind of decreases the chance of a kiss. Also, I find it strange that Ayane/Kento kiss wasn"t a close up lượt thích the one this chapter & the one that the main couple had. But I admit the Mogi/Ayane kiss was pretty close up. I wonder why.

Yeah I’ve thought the same thing myself before. I really want them lớn kiss but it is possible that it won’t happen. I’ve always wanted a surprise kiss actually with Ayane taking the initiative. *fingers crossed we get one*

Now let’s have a look at the kisses we have had so far (I’m not going khổng lồ talk about every Sawako and Kazehaya one because there have been quite a few):

So first we have the Ayane & Mogi kiss from chapter 56. Straight after this scene we have the moment where Ayane meets pin sạc in the hallway và asks if he’s ever been in love/liked anyone before.
Then we have the big Shota và Sawako kiss in Chapter 71 which was a double page picture. It was followed by a number of other kisses.
So now let’s look at Ayane & Kent’s first kiss. This was in chapter 78 & was after Ayane’s consultation meeting with Pin. Ayane discusses with Kent about why she doesn’t lượt thích herself & Kent says he likes how awkward she is, the kiss follows. The kiss is technically on a double page but only fills one side of it.
This is Ayane & Kent in chapter 85. I think they are walking home together.
And finally what we have all been talking about…the Chizu and Ryu kiss from Chapter 88. This was a double spread but the kiss was only on one side. This page was followed by a pic of them kissing from further away.

So basically Ayane & Kent are the only ones who haven’t had a close up kiss. I don’t think that’s a coincidence. Kissing in this manga is big business. I think we can safely say that Sawako và Shota’s & Chizu & Ryu’s kisses had a big build up whereas the ayane & kento one didn’t really. I also think it’s funny that straight after the Mogi kiss she runs into Pin and before her and Kento’s first kiss she has a meeting with guess who…Pin.

I think the reason why the Ayane và Mogi kiss was close up was because it was meant khổng lồ shock us. We were all expecting the first kiss lớn be shown in the manga to be Shota and Sawako’s & so Ayane having an intimate kiss with a guy she has been going out with for 5 minutes was meant to lớn shock us & make us appreciate the sawakaze kiss all the more when it happened.

I could be biased here of course as I obviously don’t ship Kento và Ayane but it’s odd in any case.

Xem thêm: Dụng cụ y khoa tuấn kiệt uy tín, chất lượng, giá cạnh tranh, duì£ng cuì£ y khoa tuã¢ìn kiãªì£t

EDIT: Also, notice how we can clearly see Ayane, Chizu và Sawako’s faces in their kisses (Ayane’s in the Mogi kiss) but we can’t see Ayane’s face in either of the Kent và Ayane kisses. We never actually see her response to lớn the kisses either because they are always at the over of a scene. Another observation you could make is that Sawako và Chizu are both crying when they are kissed which we can clearly see on the pictures above. If Ayane và Pin ever kiss I imagine it lớn be paralleled in the same way lớn show the importance of the kiss và to show that they are a “true” pairing.