Greetings valued Dan’s Report and readers across my desk today comes a film from Vietnam from Executive Producer and Actress Truong Ngoc Anh. Directed by Cuong Ngo (Truy Sat )and debuting way back in 2014 this is rather hard lớn find, some areas of the world have it on Netflix. Essentially what Huong Ga boils down to is a female gangster film, told from the perspective of lead character Huong Ga – (Truong Ngoc Anh). Writers Minh Ngoc Nguyen & Dinh Tu Nguyen craft a provocative yarn fraught with the seething gangster underworld. Minh penned another Truong Ngoc Anh in 2011 called ‘Pearls of the Far East’ also directed by Cuong Ngo . 

Actually this is Truong Ngoc Anh’s first foray into the kích hoạt realm and it is quite entertaining. Of course, the story begins here. As in the beginning of ‘Rise’ we see Huong Ha as a youngster. A coming of age story, yet unlike ‘The Lost Boys’ or 98 percent other coming of age stories this one is more a personal female rise to lớn power story. Yes guys are in the in prominent roles but the perspective if purely feminine. Of course a guy can enjoy ‘Rise’ as there are drug deals, pretty stylized yet gritty violence, & some decent action. Truong Ngoc Anh clearly used this film as a springboard to lớn various other skills including learning wire work for her Vietnam Next Top mã sản phẩm and the 2016 film ‘Truy Sat’ to work harder on the action. In fact we just chatted và she still tells me she works out two hours a day lớn stay in shape. 

Huong Ga sadly no real spoiler loses her mom in the early portion of the film và is forced to lớn live with her grandmother. Her grandmother is barely scraping by with a small stand selling nick knacks, but she wants better for her granddaughter. The big plot point comes when a scuffle breaks out và Huong Ga has lớn defend herself và ends up burning part of the market down. Literally the progresses into a downward spiral of despair as the film giao dịch with sensitive subjects such as rape, a self defense killing, và loss of a loved one. 

Interspersed with action, ‘Rise’ really works well when the emotions are displayed. More often than not, kích hoạt films are just that all action, & not much of a story. ‘Rise’ focuses on the story, the play between rival gangs and the human toll it takes. Worthy of note, Vietnam has very strict firearm laws so much of the action is visceral & involves sticks, hands, feet, elbows, or in one extreme case a BMW running over the gangsters!. With so much gun play and Gun-Fu in films ‘Rise’ offers a ‘Gangs of New York’ feel, angry và personal. Small crimes lead khổng lồ bigger ones, spiraling out of control, luring the audience in to lớn see what is next for Huong Ga and her gang. Actor Kim Ly as Tung gives a soulful performance as a gangster with a soul, understated, yet aggressive. With each death và prison sentence, she becomes hardened. As hard as she is, she still has to khuyến mãi with rival gangs và she gets beat up pretty bad about 55 minutes in, no spoilers. Some gangster dialogue a rival gang leader tells Huong Ga “ There is only room for one tiger in the jungle.” She says to lớn him, “Don’t you think it is time to lớn give up the jungle… since you’ve already been declawed. Well that escalated quickly chú ý to self be nice to TNA at all times! Needless to say after that wordy exchange a fight broke out, a big one! 

‘Rise’ rolls in at just under 93 minutes, the length allowed for a good phối of dialogue and action, never really bogging down. The emotional level is high, even if the kích hoạt is a bit unpolished. Given the recent rise of Vietnam in kích hoạt films with ‘Truy Sat’ và ‘Furie’, the sky is the limit when in 2021 Truong Ngoc Anh sets her sites on producing a follow up film lớn ‘Rise’! Yep that is true, Initially it was supposed lớn film in 2020, but vì to the global pandemic all productions in Vietnam và for that matter everywhere else has been halted. Only now December 2020, can things progress filming in Vietnam, and they are!

Overall ‘Rise’ rates a strong 7.5 out of 10, it is very good, và I am sure the sequel will also be well received. In addition khổng lồ ‘Huong Ga 2” ‘Aka Rise 2’, Truong Ngoc Anh looks to ramp up production on ‘She Kings’ in 2021. Keep it locked on Dan’s Report and for production updates!

The film screened in the USA in early 2016, below is an official trailer from Houston Screening, with English subtitles.

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Trạng thái: HD VietsubQuốc gia:Quốc gia khác, Năm sản xuất:2014Thời lượng:1g 32ph
Chất lượng:Bản đẹp
Độ phân giải:Full HDNgôn ngữ:Phụ đề việt
Thể loại:Chính kịch, Hành Động, Phiêu Lưu
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"Hương Ga - Rise 2014" là một bộ phim hành rượu cồn và tâm lý xoay quanh câu chuyện về cuộc đời đầy ảm đạm của cô nàng tên hương thơm Ga (do diễn viên Ngô Thanh Vân thủ vai).Hương Ga là một cô bé trẻ sống trong một xã hội tiến bộ đầy đa số bất công cùng đau buồn. Cô những hiểu biết qua nhiều cuộc sống thường ngày khó khăn cùng bi kịch, từng bị lừa dối và vứt rơi lúc còn nhỏ, và tiếp nối rơi vào cảnh bần hàn và bán buôn ma túy.Cuộc sinh sống của hương Ga không có gì giỏi đẹp tính đến khi cô chạm chán gỡ với được tương trợ bởi è cổ Vũ - một ng

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