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Adobe doesn"t recommend that you uninstall the Adobe Creative Cloud desktop app. However, you may be required to bởi vì so in certain scenarios, such as when troubleshooting or if there is an issue with the installer.

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Uninstall Creative Cloud apps

Ensure that you uninstall all Creative Cloud apps from your device. The Creative Cloud desktop ứng dụng can only be uninstalled if all Creative Cloud apps (such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and Premiere Pro) have already been uninstalled. Learn how to lớn uninstall or remove Creative Cloud apps.


Verify that your files are synced

Ensure that all your files are synced to lớn your Creative Cloud trương mục before running the uninstaller. Files not synced to your Creative Cloud account could be lost. You can check the sync status of your files in the Creative Cloud Files folder. In case you get a sync error, learn how to fix file syncing issues in the Creative Cloud desktop app.


(Enterprise users) Find out if you have admin privileges lớn uninstall

If you"re an Enterprise user, you may not have admin privileges to uninstall your app. In this case, tương tác your admin.


Depending on your security settings, you may receive a warning to xuất hiện the uninstaller from the mounted DMG file. Select Open to continue.


Locate the executable file:

Windows:C:Program Files (x86)AdobeAdobe Creative CloudUtilsCreative Cloud Uninstaller.exemac
/Applications/Utilities/Adobe Creative Cloud/Utils/Creative Cloud
OS/Creative Cloud Uninstaller

Language Navigation

If you decide to lớn move lớn another post-processing tool & you want khổng lồ completely uninstall and remove all Adobe Creative Cloud applications, you might come across some issues. In this article, I want to cốt truyện the process of completely removing Adobe software from both PC và Mac hardware.

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I recently transitioned my máy vi tính to another family member, and I wanted lớn completely remove all unrelated software, including Adobe Creative Cloud. Something that was supposed to lớn be an extremely simple task of software uninstallation turned out to lớn be a long & painful process. The good news is, I was able to successfully remove all Adobe software from the laptop. The bad news is, it took me much longer than I anticipated, thanks lớn all the bloatware Adobe installed on my computer without my permission.

Table of Contents

How to lớn Remove Adobe Creative Cloud from Your PCHow to lớn Remove Adobe Creative Cloud from Your Mac

How to Remove Adobe Creative Cloud from Your PC

The process of removal of Adobe Creative Cloud (CC) software should be simple, according lớn Adobe. You should first remove all Adobe apps from the CC desktop app, then remove Adobe CC desktop tiện ích itself. In reality, the process of removing Adobe software turned out to be much more complicated. Here are the steps you might need to lớn go through:

Sign in to Adobe CC desktop app.Remove all Adobe apps such as Photoshop and Lightroom using the Creative Cloud desktop app.If any of the software fails lớn uninstall, go to lớn Control Panel & remove it from there.Once all Adobe apps are removed, uninstall Adobe CC desktop software from the Control Panel.If Adobe CC desktop software does not uninstall, tải về and run Adobe CC uninstaller software.Once Adobe CC desktop software is completely removed, remove all other Adobe bloatware present on the computer using the Adobe CC Cleaner Tool.Reboot the computer.Remove all Adobe folders in local storage.

Sign in to lớn Adobe CC Desktop App

I have to lớn admit, requiring one to lớn sign in to the Creative Cloud desktop phầm mềm just to lớn remove all Adobe apps is already ridiculous. I cannot think of a single piece of software I have used in the past that made me type in my username và password just khổng lồ start the software removal process.

While you technically can remove individual Adobe software components using the Control Panel, it is not the recommended practice, since the Adobe Creative Cloud desktop phầm mềm must be in sync with what is installed or removed from the computer. Therefore, it is best that you sign in và remove all the apps using the desktop app:

Adobe Creative Cloud Sign In

I am not sure what Adobe expects people with no Creative Cloud credentials to vì when removing Adobe software. In my case, my family member does not have an Adobe CC account, so if I did not sign in and remove the software for them, they would have khổng lồ go through a different process of software removal.

Remove All Adobe Creative Cloud Apps

Once you log in, you will need khổng lồ remove all Adobe Creative Cloud apps lượt thích Photoshop và Lightroom using the same desktop app. Click on the “Apps” tab, then “Installed Apps”, then scroll down khổng lồ the installed app và click the little down arrow next to lớn “Open” or “Update”, then click “Manage” -> “Uninstall”. If you are not planning khổng lồ use Adobe Creative Cloud software in the near future, select the “Yes, Remove phầm mềm Preferences” option when you are prompted. This should start the process of ứng dụng removal.

If nothing happens after more than 10-15 seconds, close out of the Adobe CC desktop app, then manually remove the Adobe app using the Control Panel.

Remove Adobe CC Desktop App

The Adobe CC desktop app is the main piece of software that allows you to lớn install and remove Adobe apps. Once all Adobe apps are removed, the next step is to lớn remove the Adobe CC desktop ứng dụng itself.

You can bởi vì so by visiting “Add / Remove Programs” (also known as “Programs và Features” in Windows 10) in Control Panel and uninstalling the Adobe Creative Cloud tiện ích component manually. You will be presented with a pop-up screen like this:

Adobe Creative Cloud Uninstaller

Unfortunately, thanks to lớn all the bloatware that Adobe installs on most PCs, the process of removing this ứng dụng will most likely kết thúc up with the below error:

Adobe Creative Cloud Couldnt Uninstall

Although I knew for a fact that there was not a single Adobe Creative Cloud applications left to uninstall, I still could not remove the desktop app. Here is a screenshot of the Adobe CC desktop app, which shows nothing is installed:

Adobe Creative Cloud Uninstalled

And here is a screenshot from “Programs & Features”, which shows there is nothing Adobe-related left on the computer:

Add Remove Programs No Adobe

Despite this, the Adobe CC desktop tiện ích still failed to lớn uninstall, so the next step was to tải về and run the Adobe CC uninstaller software.

Download and Run Adobe CC Uninstaller

Once again, requiring anyone to tải về and run a separate tool just lớn remove software is ridiculous – it only shows how poorly Adobe software is developed. Software vendors usually vị that as a last resort when software gets corrupted. & as you will see further down below, you might need more than one tool lớn completely get rid of everything.

To tải về the Adobe CC Uninstaller, visit this page, scroll down and tải về the ZIP file. Once the file is downloaded, mở cửa it up & run the Uninstaller.

If everything goes well, you should see the following screen:

Adobe Creative Cloud desktop ứng dụng is now removed.

Remove Adobe’s Bloatware

The next step is khổng lồ remove the rest of Adobe’s bloatware that gets installed without your permission. That’s right, Adobe silently installs a bunch of software that you might not know about. Some of this software runs continuously in the background, even if you have zero Adobe apps left on the computer, as you will see further down below.

Download the Adobe CC Cleaner tool using this link. Make sure to lớn run the tool as Administrator by right-clicking it (the tool won’t be able lớn clean everything up without the right privileges), và selecting “Run as Administrator”. You will be presented with a screen that looks like this:

You will see two options: English và Japanese for selecting the language. Type “e” & press Enter. You will then see the following screen that requires you to agree khổng lồ Adobe’s terms, which basically state that Adobe is not responsible for any damage the software might cause:

You will need to lớn type “y” and press Enter to lớn proceed. From there, the next screen will show you all the bloatware Adobe left on your computer:

Wow, that’s a lot of stuff that’s left over I had no idea about. Lưu ý that none of this stuff is found in the ứng dụng section of Control Panel in the computer. I went ahead và typed “6” to lớn “Clean All”, only to be presented with an error:

I had khổng lồ run the tool twice to lớn clean up the list.

Now that the cleaner removed all Adobe software, my next step was lớn remove all the relevant folders that are left over in Program Files folder in my computer. Except…I could not remove them due lớn other Adobe software that was running on the computer:

The Adobe folder was in use. The two folders that failed lớn remove were these:

That’s right, Adobe has even more bloatware that runs without your permission. One such piece of software is called “Adobe GC Invoker Utility”, which automatically runs on start up every time you reboot. I looked it up, and it is supposedly software that makes sure that you don’t pirate the software. It always runs in the background và it does not get removed when you use the uninstaller, or Adobe’s cleaner tool.

Here it is, sitting along all other apps that run when the computer restarts:

Although you can just disable it from running on start-up, I would recommend to remove it completely.

Remove Adobe GC Invoker

NOTE: The next step involves running Windows Registry Editor, so you have khổng lồ be very careful – only delete exactly what I show you below or you could corrupt your Windows installation!

Run “regedit” (Windows Registry Editor) as Administrator & navigate to: Computer -> HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE -> SOFTWARE -> Microsoft -> Windows -> Current
Version -> Run

If you don’t want lớn go through all the trees within the registry editor, simply search for “Adobe
GCInvoker-1.0”. Manually delete this key from the registry by selecting it, & pressing the Delete button. Close out of the registry editor.

Reboot Computer và Manually Remove Remaining Adobe Folders

The last step is to lớn reboot your computer & manually remove the remaining Adobe folders. Here is a menu of folders that you need to lớn delete:

C:Program FilesAdobe
C:Program FilesCommon FilesAdobe
C:Program Files (x86)Adobe
C:Program Files (x86)Common FilesAdobe

If you are really anal about getting every Adobe-related thư mục deleted from your computer, tìm kiếm for “Adobe” folders on your computer & delete them. However, I would only recommend this step if you really know what you are doing. My suggestion is khổng lồ only remove specific folders that might be sitting in Users -> Your Username folder, as well as any Temp folders.

How khổng lồ Remove Adobe Creative Cloud from Your Mac

After I wrote the section on removing Adobe Creative Cloud from PCs, I decided to go through the process of removing Adobe Creative Cloud from Macs as well, since many of our readers run Creative Cloud from their Mac desktops và laptops. Here is what you will need khổng lồ do:

Sign in to Adobe CC desktop app.Remove all Adobe apps such as Photoshop và Lightroom using the Creative Cloud desktop app.Download và run Adobe CC uninstaller software.Remove all Adobe folders in local storage.

Sign In & Remove Adobe CC Apps

Similar to lớn the PC instructions, the first step is lớn sign in khổng lồ the Adobe Creative Cloud desktop app, if you have not already done so. After that, make sure to lớn go through all existing apps và remove them one by one until there is nothing left.

Remove Adobe CC Desktop App

After you go through the first two steps (which are identical khổng lồ the PC steps), tải về the Mac version of the Adobe CC uninstaller software from here.

When you run the tool, you will be asked lớn type your system login/password:

On the next screen, you will be warned that the phầm mềm was downloaded from the Internet. Click “Open”:

Go ahead và click “Uninstall” to start the removal process. It will take a little bit of time lớn remove the desktop app. At the over of the process, you will be shown the following screen:

Remove all Adobe Folders

Once the desktop tiện ích is removed, navigate lớn your “Application” folder and move all Adobe folders khổng lồ Trash. You should see a menu of folders similar to lớn below:


The next step is to remove Adobe applications from the “Utilities” folder (found under Applications -> Utilities). Navigate there, then select all Adobe folders such as “Adobe Application Manager” and “Adobe Installers” and move them to lớn Trash.

There are more Adobe folders under Library -> Application Support, & possibly in other locations. Before you decide to remove any of those folders, make sure that you have no other Adobe software left on your computer.

The last step is to empty the Trash bin, which should uninstall và remove any other remaining Adobe apps.

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Congratulations, you should now be completely Adobe-free on your PC or Mac if you followed this guide.