How to lớn Say I Love You In Vietnamese // Must Know Phrases và Customs

When learning a language it’s always nice khổng lồ learn the good, hearty stuff. Learning how to lớn say I love you in Vietnamese is therefore near the vị trí cao nhất of the các mục for many!

Do you have a crush on a Vietnamese person but you don’t know how khổng lồ express your feelings with him or her?

Good, because we’re about lớn teach you exactly what you need to say

First lesson – I love you in Vietnamese is Tôi yêu thương bạn.

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However, wait right there! It’s not as simple as that!

The expression, I love you in Vietnamese may depend on people’s gender, age, relationship situation, và so on.

Before we start we also thought you’d be interested in these fascinating topics for learning Vietnamese the fun way as well!

Back lớn today’s topic, we would love (excuse the pun) to provide you with the ultimate guide to lớn expressing your love to lớn Vietnamese crush!

So with that in mind, here it is!

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Addressing Your Lover in Vietnamese

The good thing is there are no formal rules for addressing a lover in Vietnamese.

This really depends on the partners và your habits. Like in English, people use a multitude of terms like honey, darling, babe… Vietnamese works the same.

For The Ladies
Anh yêu
Cục cưng
For The Gents
Em yêu
Cục cưng
Em bé, bé bỏng yêu


Anh thương em
Em thương anh

Both of these also mean I love you in Vietnamese.

To express love in a more romantic và sincere way, you can add the first name of your partner & à or này, ơi after his or her name.

For example, if your girlfriend’s first name is An, you can say:

An à, anh yêu em
An này, anh yêu em
An ơi, anh yêu em
Anh yêu em, An à

FUN FACT à, ơi are actually untranslatable words in Vietnamese. They do not really have an English equivalent!

Find out a load more of untranslatable words in Vietnamese here

DID YOU KNOW – Iu is a teenage slang for yêu commonly used on phones, social truyền thông and text by the youth.


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Responding khổng lồ I Love You in Vietnamese

If a Vietnamese person pours their heart out to you, và you wish lớn replicate, how should you respond in Vietnamese?

It’s quite easy actually. Simply, just showroom cũng before yêu.

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Cũng means too in Vietnamese

Em cũng yêu thương anh – I love you, too Anh cũng yêu thương em – I love you, too Emphasising So Much Love

If you want lớn emphasise your love and tell someone you love them so much

Nhiều lắm, khôn cùng nhiều, rất,nhiều means so much in Vietnamese.

Anh yêu thương em nhiều lắm Anh yêu thương em không hề ít Em yêu thương anh nhiều Em rất yêu anh

WATCH OUT | Rất nhiều, nhiều cannot be put directly before the object or the meaning of the sentence will change somewhat…

Anh yêu rất nhiều em – I love many girls

Be careful there