What Is the Difference Between the Deep Web and the Dark Web?

“Deep web” and “dark web” are NOT interchangeable terms. Although the entire dark web is part of the deep web, it isn’t true in reverse. Simply put, the deep website is any part of the Net that is not indexed by search engines. This includes websites that gate their content behind paywalls, password-protected websites và even the contents of your email. The dark web, on the other hand, uses encryption software lớn provide even greater security.

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What Is the Deep Web?

The “deep web” includes everything on the Net that is password protected, paywalled or even just protected from crawling by a site’s robots.txt file, which altogether trương mục for anywhere between 96% và 99% of the nội dung of the Net will never be found on any conventional search engine. For instance, when you log in to lớn your favorite video streaming site or check your bank account balance online, that’s the deep website at work.

What Is the Dark Web?

The dark web, on the other hand, makes up a tiny fraction of the Net as a whole. In order to access it at all, you will need khổng lồ use an anonymizing website browser & a virtual private network (VPN). Later, we’ll delve deeper into how khổng lồ access the dark web, but for now, you should just be aware that if you find yourself on a web page and you have no idea how you got there, it isn’t part of the dark web. You have to lớn be intending lớn visit it.

Deep và Dark website vs Surface Web


The surface web, which is also called the visible web and the mở cửa web, is any trang web that tìm kiếm engines can địa chỉ cửa hàng to their database. This includes not only websites & blogs but also online hàng hóa listings and even public posts on social media.

To help remember the differences between the surface web, the deep web and the dark web, think of the differences between “public,” “private” và “secret.”

The surface website is entirely public. The person or group who’s posted it doesn’t care who has access khổng lồ it or what can be done with it. Khổng lồ use a real-world example, you probably don’t care who in a large group knows your name or the color of your hair.

The deep web, on the other hand, is private. The average person doesn’t mô tả their private life with just anyone; they let specific people know it when the information is needed. For example, you might tell your closest friend about a problem in your personal life, but you would not tell the clerk at your grocery store.

The dark web is secret. This is akin to the things you actively hide from other people, và what you don’t want anyone else to lớn learn. This doesn’t have khổng lồ be deep, dark secrets—not even your closest friends need to lớn know the password to your email account, for instance.

Deep website vs Dark website Use Cases

Most of the Net is on the deep web và for good reason. While criminal activity (including trade in stolen data and identity theft) may be the first thing people think of when they hear about the dark web, it’s far from the only reason lớn use it. However, it is generally used for activities that people want to actively keep secret.

Deep web Use CasesDark website Use Cases
Routine Use: Users logging into routine websites such as bank accounts or social truyền thông media using personal credentials bởi vì so on the deep web without realizing it.Uncensored Journalism: Journalists use the dark web frequently (usually via the Tor Project,), especially when they are working on sensitive stories or traveling to foreign countries.
Secure Payments: Everytime consumers pay for a product or service online, they enter payment information through the deep web.Free Speech: Citizens of oppressive regimes (such as North Korea) use the dark web khổng lồ safely organize và speak freely. The dark website was critical for protesters avoiding Net censorship during the Arab Spring after governments shut down access to social media.
Campaigns: website Developers can have certain part of their websites or pages on the deep web khổng lồ track campaigns, such as displaying specific homepage designs for users on specific locationsSafety: Many corporate & government whistleblowers rely on the dark web to ensure their safety. Notably, Wiki
Leaks has a counterpart on the dark web for exactly this reason.
Payed Subscriptions: Paywalls prevent tìm kiếm engine crawlers from accessing certain nội dung that only users who paid for or subscribed to can access. This content, by definition, is on the deep web. Privacy: Victims of stalking and similar online threats may use the dark web to lớn cover their tracks as they find their way out of their situation.

Risks of Accessing the Deep website vs Dark Web

The deep web & the dark web have a lot of uses, but they also aren’t without their risks. If you know anything about data privacy và protecting yourself from identity theft, it’s easy khổng lồ mitigate these risks on the deep web. In fact, you probably already bởi it whenever you log in khổng lồ a secured website. Accessing the dark web, however, is riskier.

While the dark web may not be the quái dị that it’s made out khổng lồ be, its very existence poses a risk to the rest of the World Wide Web. Organizations constantly face the risk of data breaches, but the existence of the dark web highlights it. For instance, if your company suffers a quiet data breach, your users’ personal information will likely over up for sale on a dark website marketplace, so dark web monitoring is a critical step toward your ultimate security.

Safely Accessing the Deep Web and Dark Web

In general, the rules for accessing the deep web and the dark website safely are very similar to the best practices for accessing the surface web. However, you cannot simply browse to sites on the dark web—you have lớn take steps to ensure privacy first.

How lớn Access the Deep web Safely

As previously mentioned, more than 90% of the traffic on the Net is already on the deep web, so the keys to lớn accessing it safely are virtually the same as for the mở cửa web. Assess every trang web you visit for threats và security holes. While you obviously don’t have khổng lồ perform a penetration chạy thử on every trang web you log into, you should ensure that it runs on a secure framework that uses HTTPS encryption.

Once you’ve accessed deep web sites running a secure framework, take the following best practices to lớn mitigate risk on deep web:

Have strong and unique credentials. Having a strong password can make it hard for attackers khổng lồ gain access to lớn your private information. Change the generic password provided by the company if applicable.Maintain good IT hygiene. Access only using networks you know & trust, especially when submitting payment và other sensitive information lượt thích social security numbers.Adopt Cybersecurity Training. The best way a company can protect its information is by ensuring all stakeholders within the organization are aware và complying with all cybersecurity policies. This includes instructions and best practices when accessing the deep web.

How lớn Access the Dark web Safely

In order to lớn browse the dark web, you need to take preemptive steps toward anonymity. In particular, you will need a VPN connection và a secure web browser (such as the Tor Browser). Depending on your needs, you may want to lớn use your VPN to download the secure browser of your choice.

Once you’ve downloaded your chosen security software, take the following steps lớn access the dark web:

Activate your VPN first. Make sure that you’ve disabled any unnecessary software, especially programs such as browser add-ons. (In general, the only browser add-ons that you need lớn access the dark website come preinstalled with most secure browsers.)Open your secure browser and make sure that it is fully updated. For the greatest màn chơi of security, avoid changing the kích thước of your browser window.Navigate to the dark web website that you want khổng lồ access. Instead of a regular top-level domain, it will have a tên miền name ending in .onion, & it will usually also contain a random, frequently changing series of numbers và letters.

Best Browsers for Accessing the Deep và Dark Web

When accessing the dark web, you can only use a secure browser (which is also called an onion browser). There are a few options available for this:

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Understanding current & future threats lớn the internet of things (Io
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